Eco Communities TV is a virtual platform for all thing’s sustainability, climate change, plastic free, community food and green related in the UK.

Although mainly aiming at the Cheshire West region, some events will be aimed at a wider audience. We have speakers from outside the region visit us online.  

Eco Communities TV will be airing our new weekly Eco Magazine show Tellus each Tuesdays from 7pm. All sessions can be watched live or on catch up.  The range of guests and topics range from Active Travel, Gardening, Hydro, Community Groups. 

So far since lock down started, we have run over 100 shows and engaged over 3500 viewers on Crowdcast on a wide range of topics. You can find all the past sessions HERE.

Our aim is to bring together a wider audience, those that don’t see the green, eco or climate agenda impacts on them. It is a great way of supporting those that may be home alone and may be lonely or suffering from problems with mental health.  

Each weekday session will have a main topic each, then before and after this time will be provide information on local projects that viewers may wish to get involved in to alleviate loneliness and support those suffering from problems with mental health.  

We have already and will carry on highlighting some of the great projects around Food Poverty. In a recent session we spoke to Incredible Edible Handbridge and its plan for Soup Days, with funding from The Welcome Network. We have also spoken to sustainable businesses with the aim of supporting and providing ideas to others in the region, Weston Grove Fish and Chips, Just Footprints and Nine Meals from Anarchy. We hope to engage with more businesses and projects outside Chester Centre as we move forward.  

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How to access the Crowdcast sessions 

You can join Crowdcast sessions through your web browser – you don’t need to download any apps. 

To watch a session, click on one of the links above to go to the session page on Crowdcast and click the green “Join” / “Save My Spot” / “Watch Replay” button. 

Step 1

In the Join Event window, the simplest way to join us is to login using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account: 

Step 2a

If you prefer to register by email, enter your email address and click the green arrow: 

Step 2b

If you’ve not used Crowdcast before, you’ll need to accept Crowdcast’s terms of service and privacy policy on the next page, then click Join Event: 

Step 3

You’ll then be asked to enter your name before joining the session: 

Step 4

When you click Register, you’ll be taken into the session and have the option of taking a quick tutorial. 

If you’ve used Crowdcast before, you’ll just need to click Email me a login link, then check your email for the link to access the session: 

Step 3b

If you have any problems registering or accessing the sessions, please get in touch