Eco Communities is a brand-new organisation created by members of a very successful campaign in Chester to rid it of its Plastic.

It runs on a voluntary basis with support from voluntary members of the local Friends of the Earth Chester & District group and other supporters in the region.

The goal of Eco Communities is to work on creating a resource for individuals and businesses to become more sustainable.

We want to supply accurate information about various facets of the current global eco crisis. From a business looking to cut down on its plastics, to individuals trying to find out more about green electricity, the truths about recycling, impacts of the fashion industry on climate change and many more vital topics.

We will do this through using our Website, our quarterly magazine Tellus, our online events and weekly Tellus TV.

We aim to work with all community groups in the region to provide one point of contacts for anyone living in Cheshire West to get involved. All the information on our website and our online events can also be applicable to anybody outside of our region so feel free to get involved!

We are working to create and maintain a sustainable guide map of Chester City Centre to help its green community find where to go.