Eco Community UK CIC will work with individuals, groups, businesses and organisations to promote, encourage and educate communities in sustainable and environmentally aware living.  

We will provide benefit to:

  • Anyone or any organisation that wishes to improve their region, group or community for the benefit of the natural environment and improvement of sustainable living.  

How our activities will benefit communities:  

  • We will provide expertise to assist in improving natural habitats and sustainable lifestyles. This will involve working with and co-operating with various individuals and organisations.  
  • We will develop and deliver structured programmes to train professionals and interested parties of training on mental health themes aimed at raising awareness for professionals and improving coping and living skills for those experiencing mental health problems.  

If we make any surplus it will be used for:  

  •  It is our intention to expand and grow with a view to reinvesting in the enterprise with the aim of further service development.