Green Eco Projects are all around our region, supported by a fantastic band of volunteers, or Green Eco Champions,  including the many ‘Friends of’ groups in the region. 

From the Friends of Countess of Chester Park, Chester’s Own Supertrees (The City Forest Garden), Incredible Edible Projects in Handbridge and Hoole, to the North West’s first community greening project 10xGreenerCH1 and its Postcode Gardener.   We have some fantastic volunteers in the region doing great work at making the area greener for us all.  

We want to map the areas where volunteers are making areas greener off their own back, that the council are not responsible for, to shine a light on their contributions to making Cheshire greener.

Current Green Eco Projects   

Involved in a project in Cheshire West we haven’t listed that you think should be? Contact us using any of the links at the top of your screen. 

Cheshire West and Chester Council Green Spaces  

Cheshire West and Chester has a wealth of green and open spaces. 

These are not only home to wildlife, but also feature some fantastic facilities enabling local residents and visitors to enjoy countryside activities such as a woodland walk or a waterside stroll. 

Many of these have the benefit of ‘Friends of’ groups who help to take care of the area for local residents.   

Follow the links below for information on the different parks and green spaces in Chester.  

Cheshire West and Chester Wildflower Verges 


  • The Ark roundabout 
  • The Cannon 
  • Overleigh roundabout 
  • King Charles gardens car park 
  • Frodsham Street 
  • Overleigh raised planters 
  • Mill Lane 
  • Cherry Grove 
  • Westminster Park 
  • Alex Park flower beds 
  • Abbots Road 
  • The dog field, Newtown 
  • Richmond Gardens 
  • Gammel Place along fence line 
  • Heath Lane 
  • Trafford Street 
  • Grosvenor Road raised bed 
  • Benton Drive 
  • Eaton Road 
  • Blacon roundabout 
  • Morrison’s roundabout 
  • Bingo roundabout 
  • The Acorns Caughall Road 
  • The Bell Tower 

Ellesmere Port

  • Green lane junc. X3 banks 
  • Glen Road, corner 
  • Motorway slip road to Grace Road – Westminster 
  • A41 entrance to Foxhall Way 
  • A41 entrance to Kendal Drive 
  • EPSV roundabout 
  • Westminster estate/J Groom Towers large green space 
  • Kinsey Road / Old Stanney Lane (wall line) 
  • Junction 7 M53 
  • Junction 8 M53 
  • Junction 9 M53 
  • Junction 10 M53 


  • Chester Road opposite Queens Drive – Helsby 
  • Primrose Lane – Helsby 
  • Robin Hood lane / Chester Road – Helsby 
  • Station Lane / Road – Helsby 
  • Bank opposite Warren Court – Frodsham 
  • Bank opposite Bradley Lane – Frodsham 
  • Volunteer Street – Frodsham 
  • Francis Road – Frodsham 
  • Weaver Road – Frodsham 
  • Ashton Drive – Frodsham 
  • Ship Street – Frodsham 
  • Fluin Lane – Frodsham 
  • Saltworks play area – Frodsham 
  • Frontage saltwork – Frodsham 
  • Banks station road car park – Frodsham 
  • Main drag – Dunham on the Hill. 
  • Large grassed area – Sutton Weaver 
  • Large bank area on Gonger lane – Ashton Hayes 
  • Large verges – entrance to Barrow 
  • Smithy Lane – Mouldsworth 
  • Large grassed area – Alvanley 
  • Holy Close – Mickle Trafford 
  • York Drive – Mickle Trafford 
  • Large banks to the rear of Dee road – Mickle Trafford 
  • Bank main drag – Mickle Trafford 
  • Areas on main drag – Mickle Trafford. 


  • Greenfields Croft 
  • Gorstons Lane  (Cuckoo Lane) 
  • Tanksfield entrance 
  • Liverpool Road (Neston sign) 
  • Stanney Park  (by Bowling Green) 
  • Liverpool Road  (Sydney Road) 
  • Liverpool Road (Mayfields) 

Other areas 

  • Elton 
  • Large mound Ash Road\Parklands Drive 
  • Rear grass areas Farmdale Drive, Whitefields. 
  • Tattenhall 
  • Grassed area rear of Covert Rise (already a wildlife area). 
  • Farndon 
  • Quarry Lane play area (bank on fence line). 
  • Walkway from Lime Tree Drive/Barton Road.