This May we got to appreciate the natural world both in person and virtually. We started May supporting Charlotte and the 10xGreener project in Newtown and Water Tower Gardens making the area greener and cleaner. If you are interested in joining us and helping with the 10xGreener CH1 project register here….. 

One of the core projects of May No Mow May, many members of Eco Communities supported the project and took part in helping local wildlife thrive. No Mow May is an annual campaign by Plant Life to support our early pollinators.

 If you took any pictures during No Mow May we would love to share!

When we weren’t leaving the lawn to nature, the Friends of the Earth supporters met at The Countess of Chester Park for our first outdoor meeting since lock down. The weather was even on our side. 

It was great to see everybody after what has been a tough year. Normality is on the horizon.

We finished off the real world events with a litter pick on the 28th May for the launch of Keep Britain Tidy’s Million Mile Mission and also show off the school art competition winners along The Groves, about plastic pollution. Why not take a trip down to see them.  

Tellus TV and Meetings With Other Organisations Dominated our Virtual Month.  

On 25th May we celebrated Eco Communities’ 20th Tellus TV session. As always we were fortunate to have another fantastic range of speakers throughout the month. We launched Carbon Footprint Friends and hope you are joining us to reduce your steps, the carbon type that is.

On the subject of Carbon Footprints at the start of May we talked to Professor Roy Alexander from University of Chester to discuss his work with Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral. It was a very interesting talk that highlighted that not enough communities followed Ashton Hayes’ lead from back in 2006.

We were also joined by Joe from Chester Wombles to talk about how quickly the group grew and the difference they have made to the local area. 

Catch up on this Tellus TV session by clicking HERE.

The Middle of the Month was all About Green Infrastructure and Habitat Creation with Roger Goulding from Cheshire West and Chester Council.  

We were joined by Roger Goulding from Cheshire West and Chester Council, he provided some great tips and ideas of improving our area and community planting. Listen to Roger speak on how you can make near you greener and we want what are Tiny Forests.  Catch up on this session by clicking HERE.

We Went International on the 18th May With Nelson Reyes and Then Back to the UK With the Coalition for Better Buses. 

Nelson runs an organisation called Project Colombia through which he connects people together across the world for better business innovation and sustainability.   We were also joined by the Coalition for Better Busesto discuss their campaign to improve our access to transport by bus. Catch up on this session by clicking HERE

Our Final programme of May Also Marked Our 20th Tellus TV Show.

To finish off the month we were joined by journalist and author Joanne O’Connell talking about food waste and her Children’s book Beauty and the Bin.  We then had Karen from The Kind Shop, our new Eco Shopping Guru, and  Paul De Zylva from Friends of the Earth to help us to launch our initiative to count our steps for the Carbon Footprint Friends project Catch up on our 20th Tellus TV show by click HERE.

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