As the world returns to normal, we cannot go back to business as usual. Eco Communities celebrated Earth Day by launching its Carbon Footprint project and hosted a session on the Liverpool Tidal project on the 20th April, the talk is available in its entirety on catch-up if you missed it. 

To add some extra fun, we are running a competition over April and May to get 400 people signed up over the region, the lucky winner will get an Eco Starter Kit worth over £50.  Sign up here. 

What is a Carbon Footprint? 

A carbon footprint measures greenhouse gases (GHG) produced directly and indirectly, via a person’s lifestyle and activities. Sound complicated? Eco Communities and Giki Zero want to make it easy. 

Eco Communities is a local organisation aiming to support the region in making the area greener, cleaner, and support people understanding climate change and how it will impact on them.  

We want to help everyone in Cheshire West to work out their Carbon Footprint and make lifestyle changes to reduce this, supporting the regions Climate Emergency declaration.  

To do this we linked up with Giki Zero on its Pro platform for businesses and community groups.  

Giki Zero is a social enterprise founded to help people get to grips with their carbon footprint.   

Helen Tandy, Director of Eco Communities said “Giki’s founder Jo has spoken on a couple of our online events, and we are really pleased to be one of the Giki’s Champions, offering us the opportunity to bring Giki Zero to residents in Cheshire West.  

We can also host other community group on Giki Zero, if you want to work as a team with your own community or not for profit, get in touch. If you’re an individual and want to work out your carbon footprint and be part of a safe community on our new private branded platform, get in touch”. 

Cheshire West and Chester Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2020 and are now embarking on a programme of measures to reduce the regions footprint. 

“More and more people want to do the right thing when it comes to climate change, but it is really hard to know what right looks like.”

“More and more people want to do the right thing when it comes to climate change, but it is really hard to know what right looks like. The work Eco Communities are working in in Cheshire West is leading with Giki Zero will really help people understand what they can do today and in the future by finding the right steps for their lifestyle and their budgets to cut their personal carbon footprints.” Jo Hand, Co-founder, Giki 

So why not make a change, try working out your Carbon footprint to allow you to make changes, regardless of their size. Let’s all lighten our footprint for the future of the planet. 

Every year Earth Day is in April, this year it’s extended over three days, 20th until the 22nd April. The theme this year links to the Covid Pandemic. 

Helen Tandy, Director, Eco Communities  

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