By Helen Tandy  

We have all experienced a change this year that we none of us could have ever foreseen, something that affected every facet of our lives through 2020 and still into 2021.

Something that has dominated the public sphere for the better part of a year and has, for many taken the precedent above all else.

However, The impacts of climate change are not new, they have been reported on for many many years, but change to mitigate this has been very, painstakingly slow.

It has taken so long to come together and take any serious action, that now it has become a true climate emergency.

Cheshire West and Chester council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019. Many individuals and groups have just submitted recommendations on its draft document recently, which the council will need some time to consider.

In the meantime, we can all start to make personal changes.

Yes our councils and government must make big changes, but they can’t do that without each and every one of us pulling together.

In Chester we are looking at ways to help people get more involved in making changes that can reduce the impact on climate change. 

These changes don’t have to be hard and they might even save you money.  

Why not join us in February and take your first step, it can be as small as you feel comfortable with.

Just reading this article is a start, then why not join in and ‘Show the Love’ this month. 

Whether you want to: 

  • Show the Love for the planet 
  • Show the Love for your community 
  • Show the Love for green spaces 
  • Show the Love by growing vegetables 

The campaign is based around Valentines day and you are asked to swap red hearts for green hearts to show you care about our planet and hopefully engage people in conversations.

The Climate Coalition – Show The Love campaign from Sounds And Sons on Vimeo.

Show the Love’ is an annual celebration of everything we care about that is or might be impacted by climate change.

Launched in 2015 it’s organised by The Climate Coalition and we have been involved since the start.  

To get started there are only two steps.

  • Step one – Why not complete our survey below?
  • Step Two – Join us on the 6th and 7th February when Eco Communities TV goes virtual for our – ‘Show the Love’ event and find out how we can support you and your family.  

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