Hi everybody, my name is Charlotte, and I am absolutely thrilled to be Chester’s first ever Postcode Gardener!

I take huge pride in living in such a beautiful city and can’t wait to start working on some fantastic projects around the CH1 area.

Since moving to Chester eight years ago for university I have volunteered with several organisations around the city, many of which involved being outdoors.

For a long time, I have been an untiring advocate for gardening to help improve our mental health, and as postcode gardener I hope to incorporate this into my job as much as I can.

I have a passion for encouraging others to spend more time outdoors, and strongly believe in the benefits of spending time with nature.

Last year, I was lucky enough to win an award from the Professional Gardener’s Trust to study Horticulture, and I hope to put everything I learn into the projects around CH1.

One of my main goals as Postcode Gardener is to help create more community gardens and spaces that focus on growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables that everyone can enjoy.

Unfortunately, too many families are going hungry, and with recent events it has highlighted just how important having a supportive community truly is.

Hopefully within the next year, we can start creating some invaluable green spaces which benefit all those in need.

You can find me around CH1 in one way or another; I’ll always be contributing to any local litter-picks, volunteering for the Canal and River Trust to help tidy up our canal pathways, assisting Dig-the-Quarter to beautify the Garden Quarter and I’ve even been known to spend my days off down at the Cambrian Road bed, tidying up the dreaded ground elder!

If you don’t find me gardening around CH1, I will most likely be walking my dog, Gus, around the racecourse, exhausting myself at a local spin class, or indulging in my other passion – creative writing.

If you see me, please do come and say hello, after all, the whole idea of the postcode gardener is to work with communities and I’d love to hear your ideas about how we can make CH1 10xgreener!

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