Last year we managed to achieve the culmination of years of hard work when we gained ‘Plastic Free Community’ status for Chester and we want to help other areas to do the same. Whether you are a village, town or city we can help.  


The environmental organisation Surfers Against Sewage is encouraging communities to reduce the amount of single-use plastics they consume and throw away. The group have a project called ‘Plastic Free Communities’ whereby communities can work through a series of steps to be granted PFC status.  

This document contains an outline of the steps we needed to achieve in Chester. On application Surfers Against Sewage will provide a personalised plan for your own community, taking into account various differing factors.   

All steps needed to be evidenced and provided to Surfers Against Sewage before they could provide Chester with the coveted Plastic Free Community status.   

Chester city Plastic Free Chester status  


  • The city council must pass a resolution to support Plastic Free Chester and agree to lead by example and encourage all other groups and individuals to support it too.  

This was actually passed under Cheshire West and Chester, we are looking to update this document to state Cheshire West And Chester rather than Plastic Free Chester to aid other communities in our region.  

  • A steering group for your project must be set-up, this must meet at regular intervals. 
  • Based on Chester’s population of 75,000-100,000, 30 local businesses and retailers must agree to remove at least three single-use plastic items or replace them with sustainable alternatives.
  • There must be community engagement; for example:   
  1. 30% of schools   
  2. 50% of colleges and universities  
  3. At  least one community group (Scouts, WI etc).  
  • There must be ‘on the ground’ action. For example; at least two beach cleans/fundraising events over a 12-month period.  

If you want to do the same in your community, please take the following actions. 

If you live within Cheshire West (and you don’t live in any of the below three locations) and want to start a campaign, please contact so we can link you with the team from Cheshire West and Chester Council. Then contact Surfers Against Sewage to register your campaign.  

If you live in the following locations, contact Plastic Free Pioneers on These areas are already registered with Surfers Against Sewage, Chester is already an accredited Plastic Free Community but we are still campaigning hard in the community and speaking to businesses.  

  • Chester  
  • Frodsham  
  • Ellesmere Port 

Check if your local community is already running a Plastic Free Community Campaign with Surfers Against Sewage by clicking below.


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