Our goal is to reduce single use plastics in Cheshire West & Chester, as well as supporting other regions in their own plastic free ambitions.

As an introduction to what we do here are a few basic tips to get you started.


Say no to the straw in your drink, if you need one why not invest in a bamboo or metal alternative. Buy fruit and veg without any packaging. Try a home audit to work out if there are any ways you can ditch some plastic. For example; you could switch from shower gel to soap, wipes to a flannel, kitchen roll to cloths etc.


Invest in or get into the habit of taking reusables out and about with you. This way you should reduce the need for many single use items, such as coffee cups, plastic bottles water etc. Many coffee shops will offer you a bit of a discount if you bring in your own container, give it a try. You can also give taking your tubs to shops with you, many businesses will allow you to use these for items like meat, fish and cheese. Ask your takeaways if you can use your own container too!


If you do end up with any single use plastic check out ways to recycle it. Get to know your kerb side recycling scheme fully. If it can’t be collected from the kerb side, check our what your local supermarket will accept (many collect thinner bags like bread bags). Check for local collection points for items through schemes such as Terracycle

Compostable and biodegradable items need special industrial processing which unfortunately the U.K is severely lacking in at the moment. Unless it’s home compostable and you have your own compost bin, you could end up with no option but to add some items to your general waste bin.

Residents in Cheshire West & Chester CAN NOT put compostable or biodegradable items in their plastics, food or garden waste recycling. At the moment these can unfortunately only go in your general waste bin.

If you are a business you need to speak to your commercial recycling company on what they can collect and recycle. Also be mindful that these alternatives to plastic are generally used for takeaway items which will end up in your customers homes or street waste bins, which are then collected by the local authority. At the moment it may not be worth paying extra for these items.

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